Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Today Fiona and I went to a trial Gymborie class for infants. OMG it was so fun. The teacher was mighty impressed with Fiona's development - and she should know, she is a Gymborie teacher after all. I mean I am not sayin, I am just sayin.

But really, I always breathe a sigh of relieve when someone comments on Fee's development...I am like "phew...I have not f-ed her up yet! 6 weeks down - 17-odd years to go!"

While we were there, we played "tummy time" with a huge mirror. So basically they lay a big mirror on the floor and you play games with your little bean as they look at the reflections in the mirror.

Fiona is still too little to really hold her head and look into the mirror, so she had to lay on a little pillow that propped her up... as soon as she could gaze in the mirror she caught sight of an adorable 4-month old's reflection and went nuts trying to wiggle over to her (which of course she can't do yet), but it was really cute. I have not seen our baby express so much interest in anything else to date.

I think we may join Gymborie on a regular basis.

Lets see: the basics...Fiona is 11 pounds! The doctor says that's huge, but great!
She likes to be held 24-7 and loves anyone who will oblige her, so it was great to have my sister in town with her husband all weekend. We had a blast and they loved holding the baby -- which i also loved. I could shower whenever I wanted...it was amazing.

Matt and I have been soo lucky with friends and family all willing to drop everything and come out to MD to hang out with us and visit our kiddo. And yes everyone...I have figured out how to drink wine and breastfeed -- Steve F even hooked me up with these little test strips so I can test the boobie milk and ensure its booze-free before Fiona eats.

The Fur Ball is doing great, if feeling a little neglected. Poor Furry Murry.

Loves to you all...and I will try to write more -- its literally hard to find time. (The stunning, beautiful, amazing Miss Fiona can be a tad demanding).