Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Fiona learned how to pick her nose...which is gross of course, but now I don't have to it.
She can put two words together like a champ.

She is still the sweetest thing in the world

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Updated always so far behind updating this thing. I probaly would be ok with that, but I have this vision of printing out this chronicle of Fiona's life and giving it to one day in nice bounded book (lets see if that happens!?!?) I will post pictures soon - but I downloaded them on my work computer and cannot access them from here.

Matt and I have really struggled under the pressure of life these last few weeks, but the Bean is always there to make things amazing. In an effort to catch up on life, we decided not to go to Missy's annual Halloween party. But as Saturday wore on, and we could not resist the urge to dress our lil bean up in her super cute costume and surprise everyone. So we hit the road for the 'burg and trick-or-treated at Missy's house.

It was great to see everyone. Missy fed Fiona a waffle, which we all know she LOVES...and then, when we were getting ready to leave, Fiona was like "bye bye Missy." LOVED that.

At one point in the eve, I said to Fiona: "Its time to change your diaper"..and she leaped onto Yaya as if to say "protect me from my evil mama" and climbed up on her. So lovely!

Unfortunetly, I showed Miss Fiona how a camera works...when we were looking at the picture from this weekend we came to one of Buhba (my bother in law) holding Kayden (Jordan's beutiful daughter) and Fiona looks at it and goes "baby," (no surprise there) and then she point at Chad (aka Buhba) and goes "buhba" and kissed the camera.

I also had a video of Adam on camera. Fiona LOVED it. So that was cute, but then I downloaded everything to my work computer, and deleted it all from my camera. Last night she saw my camera and was like "addam..adamm" and was DEVESTATED when there was no video of him.

Other things:
- Fiona had crazy diaherra last week and I missed a ton of work, so this week has been hell.
- Fiona can now put words together; Matt preteded to sleep on the couch (right before he actutally fell asleep on the couch) and Fiona went up to him and said "night night dada" and put a blanket on him and patted him to sleep.

Incedently, Fiona has been a champ at going to ni-ni lately... NOT to JINX it.

We cannot teach Fiona to say "please" for our lives...ugh...We will keep trying!

She is STILL obbessed with babies

The last two days I have picked up Fiona from daycare she has not wanted to leave (as in, she screems), it breaks my heart and I feel so awkward, but secretly, I am sooo happy she is happy at daycare.

OK..Loves to all,