Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wastin Time

OK -- We have a ton to update on here, but I left the camera in my car so it will have to wait.
I will just mention that whenever I give Fiona a bath -- the thought of water boarding swims through my mind.

She is always like "what did you do that for, dude!?"

Monday, June 15, 2009

A picture?

OK Matt just sent me this - he took it with his phone.

Fiona this weekend:

No pictures :(

Well I would love to post some pictures of our super fun weekend - but it seems we have lost yet another camera. I am having a hard time coming to terms with this and I am convinced it must be somewhere. I am worried that it may have gotten stolen though. I have a pretty clear memory of bringing it to work the Monday following Fiona's birthday and I have not seen it since. But no one here would steal a camera - so that makes no sense.

Anyway, words will have to do for now.

Fiona is sooo cute! She has taken to RUNNING towards us with her arms out stretched and a huge smile on her face and she pummels us with hugs. In a word..its AWESOME.

OK so this weekend.

Our friends Miranna and Charlie are moving to Benin with the Peace Corps so we went to their going away party - great to see the CIP girls. Wish one of em would have a kid soon though ;)
Fiona got filthy playing in the dirt and there was another little girl there about her age so I got in tons of "How is she sleeping?" "What is she eating?" time (which I love).

Saturday was great. We went to Baltimore with the Salomons (Adams family) and the kids had an awesome time playing together and looking at the fish. They LOVED the dolphin show, though Fiona got annoyed at points because she could not pet/kiss them. She was like "let me go, woman! I have LOVE to share with these fishes."

In other news - I just saw the pic of me and the girls from CIP. I am sooo on my health kick. GROSS FAT MAMA...ick.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Today is less about Fiona and more about Matt who won 2 Maryland-National Capital Building Industry Association awards.

Don't believe me -- we have the picture to prove it.

Now if only he has aspirations to be an award winning home cleaner and builder.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Fun at the Fairfax Fest

All and all it was a low key weekend. Matt spent Sat going to the movies and playing golf. Fiona and I hung out with Adam and Adina. Fiona has turned into a kissing machine (and has not bitten since our "talk") and I love it! She kisses and blows kisses. So cute. When Adam and Fiona saw each other on Sat they walked up to one another and open mouthed kissed! Thank goodness Matt was not there ;)
People literally stopped to "oooo and ahhh." It was precious.

Sunday the fams got into the car and we went to the carnival. Fiona loves her some animals - she had a blast. Fearless child!

We were not there 5 seconds when she saw the ponies and Matt shelled out the $5 for her first pony ride! Grannie W would be so proud (I tried to call you ;)

I know this sounds ridic - but literally Fiona is the happiest when she is with both of us. She giggles and laughs when we hug or kiss each other -- She loves the love!

We found our new favorite band - even bought the CD. Lets here it for Rocknocerus (you can hear their music by clicking on the link).

The band had me sold with their new song called "Pink" and its lyrics "There's a color known all around the world. Its OK by the boys, but its loved by girls...Its PINK! Its PINK! Its PINK!"

Fiona danced and bobbed her little head-- Matt the other hand was a little curious as to what would motivate 3 grown men to get up on stage, dressed up like characters, and belt out kids songs. I assured him - they were fathers themselves (well at least one of them is).

Fiona was getting a little sleepy, so we knew we had to hi-tail it to the petting zoo area. And boy, did she perk up. She saw, pet and fed a camel..

She was less taken by the bunny:

And wanted to hang with the sheep.

She fell asleep as soon as she was in my arms on the way back to the car.

Friday, June 5, 2009


The other day Fiona really wanted to go outside:

She was bored inside:

So we got her ready:

To go on her first bike ride..ever!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The biting saga

Fiona finally bit me. I gave her a firm talking to. She cried. We made up.

So I go into daycare today confident that the problem will now be resolved. I caught her in the act and firmly handled the situation! The teachers all but laughed at me. Apparently, Fiona knows biting is bad. They said when a baby takes her toy, she bites him/her. But then, as soon as her victim cries she gets upset and cries or pouts too and tries to kiss the baby better (isn't that incredibly sweet of my wee demon? She feels bad...ach-I love her)! Anyway, daycare does not seem to think its that big of a deal.

They said she is incredibly sweet (sans the biting) and is easy-going. They are chucking this up to teething -- which makes no sense to me seeing as its prompted by not getting what she wants -- but whatever -- her 8th tooth is breaking through her gums.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Skinny Mommy

Lots of folks call tabloid magazines like US Weekly and People garbage. But I whole heartily disagree. Melissa Jone Heart has motivated me!

Waiting in line at the grocery store (of all places), I saw the headline of this week's People, "How I Lost 42 lbs" and the caption read, "I realized I don't have to be heavy just because I have kids." The headline was enough -- I did not even have to read the article and I was enlighted.

Melisa, dear: You are deep, inspirational and revolutionary. Thank you for provocative insights.

OK whatever: But it did motivate me -- and I went back to the gym for one of the first times since I found out I pregnant and subsequently learned I (apparently) have an insashable appetite for ice cream with snickers mixed in and like to binge eat in the wee hours of the night.

Mark my words internet -- I will be thin again!

Monday, June 1, 2009


I think I updated the blog so that anyone can leave comments :) Sorry about that.

We love good weather

What a weekend! It was nice to lay low.

We spent time with Mary and Chris before they head off to Cali and spent a ton of time outside playing!

Matt and I love festivals of all kinds - and this weekend there was one in a park right by our house. Fiona's 1st one!! When she was first born last year we used to talk about all the places we would bring her so it great to actually get out there and do it.

They had a "musical petting zoo" where kids (and Matt) could play with a bunch of instruments:

There was a playground - and Fiona loves to swing:

And of course tons of music and dance time for me and the babe:

(she looks like she wants to get away, but I promise, she was having fun :))

Other big Fiona updates: She now kisses..all open mouthed and slobbery, but so cute.