Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Its not like Christmas morning around here....

I think one of things I want to remember most about this pregnancy (besides all the amazing fattening food I have stuffed in my mouth, and how nice random strangers are to preggo chicks) is how Matt has handled the last few days. He literally whines that he wants the baby NOW NOW NOW. I sorta feel like I am letting down - keeping the baby all to myself to spite him. Ha!

Every morning he asks me, "are you sure you should go to work today, babe? Maybe you should stay home and get some sleep...you know...in case the baby comes tonight, you want to be well rested...." Then he pauses and says, "Do you think maybe the baby will come tonight?"

I reply, "No, Matt -- I do not think so."

And, he just looks at me like I just ruined Christmas or something.

Its like he goes to bed every night hoping tomorrow will be the big day! And every morning he is a little more disappointed.


We are going on another walk tonight...so I will let you know if anything happens.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Our Weekend Window Shopping Extravaganza

As many of you may know -- the docs encourage expectant moms to walk a lot -- apparently it helps bring on labor.

So last night, Matt and I (still 2 weeks shy of our due date) come to the totally un-substantiated, un-validated conclusion that I am in stage one labor. Obviously. But how can a couple encourage their bean to make her debut when its already late in the evening on a rainy Sunday night?

Well, we can't bring the Fur on a walk because its cold, and Murry hates the rain...And, for the matter, I hate the rain. FOILED.

Just then, my darling, involved, supportive, loving, problem solving husband gets an idea-- WE WILL WALK, YES WE WILL!! And, we did...we took marathon laps around a closed mall in White Flint on the coldest, darkest, rainiest day of the month.

THE RESULT!?!??!?!

No labor...no baby...did do some good window shopping however.
Oh well, Fiona is still sung as a bug in a rug.


Thursday, May 8, 2008


OMG I am blogging! WHOA.

Ali (and Steve...who is actually doing the "blogging" part of this...but at least he is teaching me).

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

One last thing before you leave.

Dear Alison,

Nine months ago when you stopped smoking, drinking, partying and going to the gym we were worried. Ever since we found out that "the bean" was the cause for your reformed ways, we've been reveling in your irreproachable behavior and preggers' glow.

From the first (alien-esque) sonogram to your (gigantic) baby shower, we have been lucky to be a part of the ripening of the bean.

Your stories never cease to spread wonder, amazement and often, knee-slapping laughter. Three months without you will inevitably be quieter, and a lot less fun.

To keep a little bit of you with us, and to start off a journal you'll be able to look back on years from now....

We present your blog, ...And The Bean Makes Four.

Here's to all the joy that Fiona will bring to your lives and ours.

Love Always,

Your Digital Public Affairs Team