Monday, September 29, 2008


You know how everything is "harder" when you have a baby? From getting into the car and running errands to finding time shower? Well, for the most part this is true. Two things I wish I had thought of before Fiona and I got on a train to New Jersey without Matt this weekend: How is one supposed to pee, on a bumpy train ride, with an infant? And...after you wait on that long line in cafe car to a get microwaved burger, bottle of water and are you supposed to get back to your seat with the food and an infant in tow? Alas. We spent a lovely weekend with my family in New Jersey. Fiona was amazing on the train. Not a peep. People commented on how good she was...and i must say I was aglow with pride. What a bean!

Matt sent out some pics of the baby this weekend while we were out of town (i think he missed us). This one is from Fiona's first trip to the beach in New Port, RI - Labor Day 2008.

Friday, September 12, 2008

A Letter to Grandma A

Matt gets Fiona ready for daycare in the mornings and sent me this picture from his phone on Tuesday, Sept 9.

I have been meaning and meaning to write...but alas...anyway, I just wrote an email to Tara and realized it had lots of updates in it, so I thought I would paste it here...and have a bit more of a chronicle of Fiona's life to glance back on in the years to come. So here it is:

OMG Tara!

You are going to die when you see her next weekend. She has transformed from a new born into a little baby this week. She even has favorite toys! And you should see grab for things and put them in her mouth. Its so cute…it takes all of her concentration and she focus so hard her little arms and head shake.

When Matt comes in – and she hears his voice she LIGHTS UP and looks for him. And, then SMILES AND SMILES when he talks to her. I think she is turning into a Daddy’s girl.

Matt and I officially lost our first battle as parents: She is still refusing the bottle – so now she basically does not eat all day, and wakes me up at 4am to binge eat for 2 hours before I get in the shower. I wish she would take the bottle..but its whatever. I do not really mind. I mean it can only really last another 3-6 months and then she will be eating real food (though I am a little concerned about how we will get her to drink water…but I guess we will just figure it out when the time comes).

Things have been going really well lately…I have come to terms with working and really kind of feel like I have the best of both worlds and would not want it any other way. I get to be an adult at work and then really appreciate the time I have with her from 3 when I leave till 9 when she goes to bed. (The housekeeping as gone by the weigh side..but something had to slip and I would rather spend my afternoons bringing her to the park or something than cleaning)…but I will have to figure out how to juggle a little better, I guess it will come with time.

Anyway, you are just going to melt when see her play with Matt (don’t tell Matt but I think he might be her favorite parent at the moment…I LOVE IT!)

She is literally the best thing ever!

We cant wait to see you all (in our very messy house).