Monday, June 16, 2008

Week 2

I am actually leaning over a breast feeding baby to type. Normal.
Lets see -- my mom was here all last week (which was so great). She helped with everything - which was so amazing. From cleaning to cooking and running errands with me.
Fiona had a her 2 week check up...she gained a pound (sounds like her mama).
I went to the doc ( i lost 30 lbs and have 30 left to go...can you say Big Mama).

We celebrated our first Father's Day by driving down to the burg to hang out with Matt's side of family. Fiona was a dream in the car.Slept the whole way --both ways. She is basically the best baby in the world. She is 20 days old and has cried for no reason --- twice. Rumor has it that may be in part because i never put her down. (either me or someone else is always holding her) . At any rate, she gets cuter and cuter everyday and she loved hanging with the Armentrouts.

Fiona is super coordinated (the docs were impressed) and really strong. She can already lift her head and she plays with her hands (very advanced..she should not be able to do that until next month). With her great disposition and inclination towards intelligence, Matt and I can help but wonder if they gave us the wrong kid.

oh yea -- her little belly button thang fell off.

We settled on a daycare -- which basically sent me into a crying frenzy all week. I love and miss Edelman, but I do not think there is anything in the world that can prepare you for the thought of leaving your bean at a daycare...And well, I will just leave it at that.

I think she is developing a little personality already as well...and she may be a bit of a diva. Her little ass will explode with a poo and she demands her diaper get changed RIGHT AWAY...I mean she gives you two seconds to get that dirty old thing off her. I would not want poo in my pants either...but I mean..come on!

I am sure that she smiles and has coo-ed (at least 3 times :))

I cannot believe how many of you guys read this blog. Now that Matt got the computer fixed I promise we will write more. Thanks so much for all your comments.

Miss Fiona and I are off to get an oil change. Our big trip for the day. Incedently -- this is my first day 100% on my own. eeek...


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Stormy Stormy Night

We are obviously behind in updating the blog seeing as Fiona is already 8 days old. But I was so crazy today, I could not resist getting online to share it with you all.

There were MAJOR storms in the area tonight -- normally I love storms as I view it as time to be lazy, snuggle on the couch and drink copious amounts of red wine -- seems that has all changed since Fe got here.

So its raining and Matt comes home to work from here (whoohoo yay! -- or so I thought, he actually WORKED all day-- so he really only gets a 'yay!'). Anyway the power goes out and the house gets really hot -- too hot for Fee -- so we decide to get dinner OUT. But Fiona is too little go out in public. I start to freak out. We go in Noodles and Company and I start CRYING because i am concerned about the germs and other people's rug rats running around with boggies hanging out of their noises. I make Matt swear to forcefully remove anyone who comes to close to our babe.

I begin to plead and beg -- we need to leave, NOW, no he cannot finish his dinner, we need to go to a hotel -- but just then the radio guy says the tornado warning was just been upped to a tornado watch and recommends everyone go their basement. What a pediment! Matt comes up with a plan (genius!)...we will go home (were there are no germs), sleep in the basement (which is cool). He will run to Target and get lights and life will be ok. Confident in the man I married, I stop crying -- He brings me and Fiona home, sets us up w some flash lights -- And takes off to get supplies. What a guy.

Before he gets to the end of the road, I call him..tell him to come back..the power is on. And incidentaly -- the storm is pretty much over.

Murry however, did take advantage of us being out of the house and ripped all our garages apart That was cool.

So I will write more regularly moving forward (well as soon as I get a power cord for our lap top) but here are little highlights of Fee's life I do not want to forget:

Being Fiona's mom is the best best thing in the world -- everyone says there are no words to describe it -- but there really are none.

I am a hormonal basket case and cry at least 5 times a day -- namely because i am so happy to be Matt's wife and Fee's mom. Matt just looks at me like i have 6 heads when I tell him how happy I am. He recognizes I am still his crazy wife but seems to be confused that my "fiery" expressions of emotion are positive and not negative.

Matt is in love with Fiona...he is holding her right now and has said "babe..babe...look at her...look at her."at least 6 times

Fiona projectile pooded on Matt today.

Her doc said she is very "intact" which matt and i take to mean as "very advanced."
Our princess eats like a beast and farts louder than Matt -- but even that is exceptionaly cute on her.

Oh yah .. and labor...well that deserves a post of its own for i will write more later (lucky you Daves).

Thats all for now...Will try to upload some new photos tomorrow