Friday, May 29, 2009

My Sweet Girl .... BITES!

OK so Fiona is quite possibly the nicest kid in the world. But last week, so got bit by a baby at daycare. And, now...she bites other babies. Like, everyday. Her teachers say she only does it when someone is trying to take her food or a toy she is playing with...but really!? What do I do!? I have never seen her bite in my life, so its not like I can discipline her.

In other news we hit day 2 of weaning part 2. Its so hard. She cries and cries with her eyes closed tightly, then she gives up and just looks at me, like "why, mama?"

In an effort to not give in, I drank too much wine last night. Opps. Bear with me, there was some logic to it. I figured if I had booze in my system, I could not feed her (or she would get drunky)...and it worked. I did not give in.

Anyway, she did really well. Matt was out for night (winning awards for being an awesome home builder) so it was just me and her. She cried for a full five minutes before giving in, and then we just cuddled big time.

We are one day closer to no more nursing. I feel kind of sad...We went to the docs and Nurse Nancy said it was time, and then I just never gave her the boob again. Wish I had known that morning's feeding was going to be our last.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Weaning Part 2, Day 1

Poor Fiona screamed last night! All she wanted was to nurse. Sorry mouse.
But Matt and I stood strong and rocked her back to sleep...twice.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Birthday, love bug!

Happy Birthday Fiona!
I cannot believe you have been here for a year! That said, I can hardly remember what it was like not to be your mom.

You literally fill our days with the most absolute joy. Your smile could melt an iceberg.
You are a doll!
You are so sweet and so lovely. You have been such an easy baby.
We could not be more grateful for having been blessed with you (someone was not paying attention when they gave us such an amazing little life to care for)!

OK we just got back from your one year old check up with with Nurse Nancy -- and shocker -- she says you are perfect - in fact, she said she has been impressed with you since you were born (What?!??! Its not like I said you were perfect, SHE DID. Its not bragging if you are just reporting what a medical professional said - all I am saying is I was not surprised by her medical opinion).

You are super tall (98th percentile), and somewhere in the 80th for weight. You weigh 23 lbs. She says its TIME for you to get off the boob (100%) and get used to sleeping alone (another shocker, I know!). So Dad and I are going to have to buck up and get it done. Its going to be a tough week for you and I am super sorry. But, its for the best (or thats what they tell me :))

Nurse Nancy wants to watch your little ears because of your recent ear infections. She says they look OK now, but given that your ear drum ruptured and Dad had such problems with his ears, she wants to watch it.

We talked about your disdain for milk - and Nurse Nancy gave me a ton of ticks to make sure you are getting the calcium you need! So YAY!

You got your shots and you looked at the nurse as if she was crazy for hurting you, but you really only cried for a second. You are so tough.

OK..I need to get back to work.

I love you. Happy Birthday!
You are a star.

Love, Mama and Daaaaaaaaaad

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pre School

It was about 45 seconds ago that I was like an hour pregnant and apparently LATE to the game to find a Fiona is 1, and I it seems I need to get my game face on to find a pre school...

and we are back

OK -- really want to start actually using this thing. Its been way to long to get caught I am going to just use a few bullets.

We had a great memorial day weekend. Great Grandma Whelan came for a BBQ with the O'Connors and MacNameras (sans Finn).

Last weekend we finally had Fee baptized and had a huge birthday celebration. She had an ear infection and her ear drum ruptured, but she kept on smiling. The whole fams was in town.

Getting fancy here -- I going to try and add a few pics:

And another,

Fiona has her one year old check up, so I am going to post again tomorrow. Blog I will!