Friday, August 15, 2008

competitive mommies?

So a baby at my mommy and me and class learned to roll over. Fiona has no idea how. So begins the "my baby can do this, can yours?"

I shot back -- well Fiona knows where her hands are (which is almost true...she has begun to suck on them, but in order to accomplish this goal she must first wack herself in the eye and move her head up to meet her hand). Its super cute.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

boobie juice

They say there is a chemical release in your body during labor that makes you fall madly in love with your baby the second she is born. I would say that's true, but what you are not prepared for is how much more you love your baby each day. You love your child with such umuff you think you might explode -and then the next day, you love her even more. It freaking crazy.

Anyway, thats not what I logged on to write about -

Matt, Fiona and I are going to a wedding on Sat. and i wanted to find out if I could squeeze my fat arse into a dress i already owned. (Conveniently enough, I gained a ton of weight just before I got preggo, so I have a cute, though be it large, dress in my closet). Anyway, it fit. I was excited. Then, just as I was taking it off, my boobs shot out about a half gallon of boobie milk all over it.


Fiona updates: The little bean is trying to sit up even though she is much too little. She ends up doing these little baby ab-crunches - struggling with all her might. Its soo cute, until she starts crying cause her belly muscles ache. Perhaps i would empathize a little more if i ever managed to try and do a sit up myself. Alas...

She also smiles like a champ.

Still no luck on getting the kid to take bottle -- though she is making some progress and does not cry when we show it to her. Baby steps!

The Grandmas and Grandpas (and even a great Aunt) have been visiting the last few weeks -- now that Fee and I are on own again, we really miss their compainsionship...

I will add some new pics once we download them (please lodge complaints with Matt).