Monday, January 3, 2011

A few month delay, but we are back

Namely because I wanted to complain that the world has a prejudice against poor folk. My sister and Danny all but GAVE us their old 1999 Oldsmobile so Fi and I did not have to freeze our hinnies off at the bus stop anymore - but the modern day car seat does not fit. After much research Matt identified the part we needed from the dealer - who, shockingly has stopped making it. Do poor children not deserve to be safe?

SIGH. Well when I called Buy Buy Baby I learned that we had bought the fancy dancey super safe car seat - and it actually comes with an clip that can safely adjust the car seat for the cars of the 90s . PHEW! Of course, we no longer have said clip, but the kind folks at Buy Buy Baby are giving us one!

So there you have it -- no one may read this blog anymore, but through sheer determination, I will blog again, get tons of readers, and then an endorsement like this, will undoubtedly result in many an invite to BlogHer

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Erin said...

This made me smile today. :) Glad Fi will be safe (and warm)!